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Times are tough. Lenders and bankers are increasingly tightening their belts, reluctant to loan out their money under the prospect of an economy that has its ups and downs. Still, the backbone of America — the small business — must go on. Inventory must be purchased, advertising must be assigned and employees must be paid. These things cost money and the small business needs to meet its expenses whether the financial weather is fair or foul.

Your business doesn’t need to suffer lack or come under the exacting scrutiny of penny-pinching banks with their onerous loan requirements and high interest rates. What better way to fund that new advertising blitz or expand your existing business than with a business credit card from We understand that your business often has immediate as well as long-term needs, whether it’s an emergency equipment repair or funds to advertise your latest development or service. A business credit card is a perfect tool for those “”just in case”” moments.

Unlike a traditional loan where you must itemize every expense, business credit cards are perfect for last-minute emergencies or budget overflows when you are temporary low on cash. And unlike traditional loan outlets that require you to jump through hoops and hurdles before you get any money, will help you get what you need as easily and quickly as possible.

Business credit cards are not for everyone, however. Business credit cards are best for a small business that may experience long terms between investments and profits, when you need a little boost to get through a period of time before the profits roll in. A business can easily over-spend with a business credit card, so it’s important to use business credit cards only when you cannot pay cash or in the event of an emergency or temporary budget shortfall. In this way, a business credit card can be a lifesaver, giving your business that little financial boost when you need it the most.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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