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Business Credit Card

Your small business relies on revenue to pay suppliers, purchase office supplies and fund expansion. When customers pay you late or sales figures are low, you need an alternative source of funds. Consider obtaining a Business Credit Card.

Before obtaining a Business Credit Card, write a business plan. When you know your plan for marketing, production and financing, you can confidently use a credit card as needed for emergency purchases or repairs. You don’t want to rely on credit to finance every aspect of your small business, but it can be an effective tool as one part of your overall business plan.

Business Credit Cards offer easy access to emergency funds. Every business faces the unexpected from time to time. Use your business credit to buy supplies or pay bills when you don’t have immediate access to cash. While you do not want to charge purchases excessively, a Business Credit Card gives you peace of mind when you face emergency situations.

A Business Credit Card is easy to obtain from Select the card that’s right for you business, and receive the assistance you need in making your business a success. As long as you commit to repaying your credit charges every month, the convenience of Business Credit Cards makes sense for small businesses.

Every business faces times of money shortages. A slow sales week or a late paying customer can devastate your checkbook. Stay on top of your finances and maintain your good business credit rating when you use your Business Credit Card as needed. Apply here now, and add a layer of emergency financing to your successful small business.

To apply for funding for your small business, use the form on the right to begin the application process.

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