Are You Eligible to Get a SBA Loan?

SBA Loan

Those who are in the world of small business know that there are many things to consider when making decisions pertaining to running their company. One of the major things that arise is the need to get financial funding from an outside source, when you do not have the funds necessary to back your business ventures on your own. There is a type of loan that you may find yourself to be eligible for, depending upon your circumstances, and it is called a SBA loan. These loans are backed by the small business administration is through a program referred to as the loan guarantee program. This program provides an extra layer of security for banks in that they guarantee repayment plus interest in the event that your company is not able to do so. As such they are easier to obtain and are more likely to be approved especially for new company such as your own. We will be discussing this in further detail in today’s article.

There are many situations in which the need to get funding for your company becomes vital. When you initially start up, you will need seed money to get your company up and running. In this specific case, you will find it difficult to get loans from traditional money lending institutions, such as banks. This is because you most likely have not built up a previous business credit history, which is needed in order to even be considered by the loan officers. You will find more success in getting the funds that you need when starting up your business, when you look to venture capitalists, angel investors, or friends and family members that will come to your aid.

On the other hand, you may be running an already established business, and you have experienced a sudden rise in demand for whatever product or service it is that you provide. You will have to go out and make purchases, such as buying additional machinery and equipment, or hire on new employees and workers. In order to make these expenditures possible, you will need to get funding if you do not have the monetary means on hand to do it. You can apply for a SBA loan in cases like this. This is because the SBA, or small business administration, is able to guarantee loans through private sector lenders and financial institutions, to small business people that happen to be in situations such as yours.

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