A Guide to Small Business Cash Advance Funding

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There are many ways for your small business to gain funding. Before we get into that, let me clarify what the term “small business”. When referring to a small business, we typically mean a business that makes less than $100,000 in revenue each year and has less than 50 employees, full- or part-time. This is a general rule of thumb, but it works for today’s discussion.

So what are the ways you can get funding? You can get venture capital through angel investors, and the like, for your startup capital. You can draw funds from a line of credit, or from a credit card, for quick funding, which I recommend if you have those options available. However, if you need emergency funding and don’t have those options available, you can get a small business cash advance. The distinction of being for small companies in particular is important. I’ll lay out the reasons for this, in today’s article.

It can be very difficult to get traditional funding for your small business, especially in time to deal with emergencies. Capital markets are closing their doors to small companies, as loan default rates skyrocket. As such, if you don’t have cash on hand, or have available credit, you’ll want to get a small business cash advance.

These are based solely on your company’s recent revenue, in most cases. You can borrow up to one month’s worth of revenue. You must pay the amount back in full within 90 days. Typically, you can request a recharge (a new loan for the same amount) up to two additional times based on the same application. This is provided you’ve paid back what you owe in full, on time.

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