A Business Line of Credit is a Handy Financial Tool for Any Business

Business Line of Credit

Business lines of credit are different from business loans and business credit cards, though they share similarities with both. Like a credit card, a business line of credit allows you to borrow up to a certain amount. Once you repay the amount, you can borrow more. Like a loan, you will need to pay interest on the amounts you borrow.

Businesses that need to purchase supplies before they receive payment find business lines of credit to be useful tools. A line of credit is also a handy tool for practically any business.

Using a Business Line of Credit to Manage Cash Flow

Many business owners use credit lines to manage their cash flow. A lot of businesses need to purchase supplies up front and will only be paid for those supplies after a customer purchases them. The line of credit lets the owner borrow the money to pay for the inventory and supplies, then repay it once they have made a sale.

Usually, the limit on a line of credit is greater than a limit on a credit card, and the interest rate is lower, which gives the business owner more financial freedom. The interest rate on a line of credit may be higher than that of a business loan, but the owner usually does not need to borrow as high of an amount.

In Case of an Emergency

Every business hits a rough patch from time to time. Having a line of credit allows a business owner to keep things afloat until business returns to normal. Using a line of credit during emergencies can be risky, though, especially if the emergency becomes an everyday occurrence. An owner needs to be able to recognize when they are going through a tough time and when the business is failing to avoid getting over their head in debt.

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