A Business Cash Advance Can See You Through

Business Cash Advance

Obtaining a traditional loan can be very difficult for a business in today’s economy, but when circumstances are such that a business needs cash in a hurry to handle an emergency or get through a rough stretch, a business cash advance can be the answer. A business cash advance is usually much easier to qualify for than a traditional loan.

Unlike a business loan, qualification for a business cash advance is based largely on probable credit card sales. In some ways, business cash advances are the business equivalent of payday loan, with money being given with the understanding that it will be paid out when future income arrives. They usually provide the money quickly, within seven to ten days, and they require no collateral.

There are a number of circumstances in which business cash advances could be very helpful. In an emergency, they could be used to repair or replace damaged equipment or pay unexpected expenses. For planned expenses, business cash advances could be used to purchase new equipment, make emergency repairs, pay taxes, pay off higher interest debt, expand or remodel.

For seasonal businesses, a business cash advance can allow you to purchase inventory before the season begins, even though the profits won’t start coming in for a month or two. In more extreme cases, a business cash advance could be used just to meet expenses and keep a seasonal business afloat until the seasonal money starts to come in. The rate of loan repayment is often linked to the volume of credit card sales, so the loan will automatically start to be paid off as your seasonal business picks up.

As difficult finding capital can be for a business in the current economic climate, businesses are fortunate to have business cash advances available to them as an option. Business cash advances can be obtained relatively easily and they can provide funding for a number of different reasons and help to see a business through whatever challenges it may face.

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