3 Things to Look Out for in a Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

There will be times where you need immediate cash in order to pay for your business operations. Although this is inevitable is important to choose your business cash advance lender carefully. Today we will be discussing three things to look out for when choosing your lender.

Hidden Fees: many lenders will try to entice you by offering what appears to be competitive interest rates. However you will suddenly be hit with many hidden fees which are just as expensive as a high interest rate. Ms. important that you fully understand the agreement that you are entering into and that you ask questions about any fees which you are not comfortable with or you do not understand.

Disreputable and dishonest companies: if you feel the company you are attempting to do business with is acting dishonestly or if they do not seem to be reputable company from your research it is my recommendation that you work with another company. If you’re not sure about a company it is not a bad idea to look for them on the Better Business Bureau webpage to see what rating may have received. Make sure to look at the further details to see the nature of the complains. It is quite possible that you will have similar complains when dealing with this company.

Higher than usual interest or lat maybe fees: although interest rates are high by nature when getting an advance they do differ quite a bit from company to company and you should shop around for a lower rate whenever possible. Also make sure that your rate doesn’t change if you are late with a payment as this will make one loan potentially much more expensive than another. Of course you will want to pay off any money you borrow this way as quickly as possible in order to avoid these high interest rates.

Cash Advances that Require Personal Guarantee: if you are borrowing money for your company is not necessary to back it up with your personal credit. However many companies will insist on this in order to better secure their chances of repayment. You should look for a lender that will lend directly to your company, this is especially true if you are under some type of corporate structure.

So in conclusion, make sure to borrow from a company with a relatively competitive interest rate that you feel is trustworthy and will not require you to back up the loan with your personal credit. Also, look out for any type of hidden fee that is in the fine print.

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