2 Funding Tricks for Business Lines of Credit

Business Lines of Credit

If you are trying to get business lines of credit, you may find that it is difficult in today’s economy. In most cases, the requirements are steep. On top of that, the process can be quite long. We’ll discuss some tricks on how to obtain this type of funding, in today’s article.

1) Outsource the legwork. I hear this complaint all the time from business owners who felt they settled on a deal that wasn’t good enough. They were simply spending too long looking for the right line of credit. Don’t do the legwork on finding good business lines of credit on your own!

There are hundreds of companies around the world (think India and the Philippines) where you can hire individuals to work on projects just like this. Some of them require you to hire full time, and that might not be a bad idea for some of you. However, many will let you do this on a project-by-project basis. For a couple hundred dollars you could get a $100,000 credit line with the most favorable terms available to you in your circumstances.

2) Improve how you appear to potential lenders. Before you even begin the process, pull your personal credit report and pull your business report, if you have it. Check for any obvious errors or anything you feel you could get removed with a few phone calls. You don’t want to do the legwork on this either? Use your outsourcer for both tasks. Just make sure to be mindful of the security of your personal information.

Follow these two easy tricks to be well on your way to high quality business lines of credit.

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